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Malaga City

Malaga Beaches

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Activities & Excursions

The outstanding location of this "Gate to the Costa del Sol" is breathtaking. The city of Malaga offers the perfect combination of big city flair and pleasure beach. Whether you are an art lover or culture , prefer to sunbathe on the beach, want to party or want to do sports, you will feel at home in Malaga.

It is a region of great natural charm, warm, welcoming people and ancestral traditions... the local gastronomy, the warm weather. The Malaguenos are often lauded for their warmth and hospitality

The beaches in Malaga are beautifully well kept, with many miles of stunning sand beaches just a short walk from the city centre and only 1 minute from the school Alhambra.

There are also numerous water sports available, from windsurfing to deep sea fishing, canoeing to scuba diving.

The beach is the one of the finest city beaches available, amazingly clean and safe for bathing. Málaga has a mediterranean climate with dry hot summers and mild winters.

There is so much to see and do in Malaga. The ancient Moorish Castle at the top of the hill stands prominently on the skyline and is a fantastic sight as you fly into Malaga Airport.

The Archaeological Museum, houses in The Alcazaba (Moorish Palace), and the vast Baroque Cathedral are also well worth visiting.

The Malaga Tour Bus offers wonderful sightseeing tours of the city. In Malaga the café culture is delightful, with many lazy hours being spent sipping coffee watching the world...

Spanish language courses for students, seniors and young people in Malaga, Spain In our classes, the students learn not only the Spanish language, but also get to know the land of Spain, its culture and its people. Learning Spanish should not be limited to the classroom,  We therefore organize lots of cultural and leisure activities during your stay.

Our programme of leisure activities and excursions is designed to help students become familiar with the Spanish culture and make the most of their stay.


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